The View from the MD

Eco2solar founder and managing director adds his comments on the state of the market. You can read all of his thought so far on the page below.

As you will see he airs his views on construction, solar energy and associated technologies such as battery storage.

But, as I am sure you will have spotted he sometimes strays into the areas or general business and Politics.

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Using Technology to Live More Sustainably

In the previous post in this series, we began to break down the barriers to becoming more self-sufficient as individuals, so now I’d like to share with you some examples of what that might look like…

28th October 2017

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Creating Sustainability in a Sharing Economy

In the previous post in this series, we looked at the role of the government, the local councils and us as consumers in creating a more sustainable future, so let’s now look at how close we are to b…

18th October 2017

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The Global Landscape of Energy Production

Every minute of every day, five thousand times as much energy as we need hits the earth in the form of solar energy. That surplus isn’t going anywhere; it just gets absorbed into buildings, into the…

2nd October 2017

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How sustainable is your home?

With the uncertainty around Brexit and the current instability around energy production, it will become increasingly up to us as individuals to become more self-sufficient in our homes and lifestyles.…

1st October 2017

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Not about Trump

It is no surprise to any of us here in the UK that there’s a crisis in housing. Whole generations face the prospect of never being able to own their own home. Not enough houses are being built and t…

10th November 2016

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Sun or Wind

UK Energy Secretary Amber Rudd has confirmed the Conservative Party’s controversial plans to stop subsidies for onshore wind farms, claiming it is top of her agenda at the Department for Energy …

23rd May 2015

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$10m a minute

Would you believe it – $10m every minute is the amount that fossil fuel companies are benefitting from global subsidies EVERY minute of every day – equating to $5.3tn (£3.4tn) a year, according t…

21st May 2015

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Does solar add value?

Although I have been working in the solar industry for 8 years now – which makes me a veteran in this new world – there does not appear to have been a proper empirical, data based study on the val…

19th May 2015

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Maybe the greenest government ever (MK 2)?,

Bit of a sigh of relief from across the green business community as Amber Rudd is confirmed as the Energy and Climate Change Secretary. It is not simply just reward for an able politician who has just…

16th May 2015

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Could the lights go out,

Avoiding a power blackout will be one of the first priorities for whoever forms the next UK government, Simon Virley, UK chair of energy and natural resources at KPMG has suggested. Ahead of the elect…

14th May 2015

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Housing Standards review

I promised to keep you updated with the latest legislation and regulations, so here goes – although I cannot promise it will be the most riveting email I have written! There were a series of governm…

12th May 2015

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Exponential thinking

If there is to be enough energy in the future, we must change our thinking on energy supply! Governments will probably not provide the answer. We need to put aside our linear thinking and start thinki…

9th May 2015

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Fictitious energy drink goes on sale,

A group of Berlin art directors have launched a digital campaign promoting a fake energy drink sourced from the Japanese nuclear site to highlight its ongoing water contamination problem. Four years o…

7th May 2015

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Escape to sustainable “wild” Tuscany

Toscana Resort Castelfalfi is an 800-year old medieval hamlet in Tuscany lovingly being restored and developed to welcome visitors by its present owner, TUI AG, the world’s biggest tourism company. …

5th May 2015

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Driverless cars

It appears that the government wants the UK to become a world leader in driverless technology and will publish a code of practice which will allow the testing of autonomous cars to go ahead. Self-driv…

2nd May 2015

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Politicians at risk of losing out

Following our theme of talking about politicians (is there an election coming up by any chance?), MPs’ pension fund is at risk from fossil fuel investments, Green MP Caroline Lucas warns. The £487 …

30th April 2015

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UK political party leaders agree!

Hi David Cameron, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg signed a cross-party pledge to tackle climate change in February this year. The agreement includes commitments to an internationally binding deal at Paris …

25th April 2015

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Homes of straw

Straw houses will no longer be the preserve of little pigs and self-builders this week, as the first straw houses offered on the open market go on sale. But these homes won’t be blown away and could…

23rd April 2015

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