Electric Vehicles

When looking for company vehicles, cost and the environment are high in our considerations. As a company involved with renewable energy we have kept an eye on  the development of Electric Vehicles (EV’s) and Our Senior Management team now run them as company vehicles. We have Charging points both at home and the office; installed by Eco2Solar of course. 

It was important to us that the vehicles were Hybrid electrical but as we do a lot of miles they also had to perform the roles of reliable company and family cars.

There were several reasons that we acquired these cars:

  • Save money on fuel
  • Be kinder to the environment
  • Prove the Technology 
  • Learn about the practical requirements for running EV’s
  • Save a lot of tax; these EV’s are 7% benefit in kind – BIK – whereas our previous company cars were around 23%. This saved £300 per month in tax (not taxable benefit) alone!

So the important question is what are these cars like to drive and to live with.

Well, these hybrids are just as good as a “normal” car – except better! The BMW 330e for example has a 2L turbocharged petrol engine as well as an electric motor driven by a 7.65kWh battery. It will do about 15 miles on a charge, which does not sound much, but allows Paul to charge up at home, drive to work, charge up again and drive home. Overall miles per gallon is around 70mpg on average including a few long trips e.g. to Cornwall and Plymouth to see his son at University.

However, there is another factor. When you get used to driving on electricity, it becomes compelling! Take Paul’s recent trip to Cornwall and Plymouth. He was motivated to find places in the south west to charge the vehicle. The fact that he might only save £3 – £4 was not the point; it becomes important to maximise the EV driving experience.

And – by the way – the BMW shifts. 0 – 60 in around 6 seconds if you need to get out of trouble and it drives like a normal Petrol 3 series BMW.

BMW 225xe

Tracey needed a stylish and comfortable car but was concerned about the running costs. With the 225xe, she hardly uses any fuel at all as to the short journeys she makes around Worcestershire are powered by the battery.

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Ryan lives in the Cotswolds so has a much longer commute than most, and also needed a car that was comfortable and well equipped but big enough to carry his dogs; whilst saving him money at the same time. The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV provides all of that and it is in the lowest class for company car tax too.

BMW 330e

Paul is a keen Motorist with a history of competing in motorsport so the driving aspect of the car is important. The 330e gives Paul both the economy and performance he needs. The range on pure electric allows him to get to and from the office on solely electrical power.